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A Framework for Urban Climate Resilience

Stephen, along with Marcus Moench of ISET, wrote this popular article outlining the framework we use to approach resilience planning. The article is available from Climate and Development.

Adaptive Policies

Stephen contributed several chapters to the book Creating Adaptive Policies: A Guide for Policy Making in an Uncertain World. This easy to read book was the result of an IISD research project, funded by IDRC. The book is available for download here.

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Resilience Framework Training Materials

Based on the framework introduced in Stephen’s article, Kari was part of the team that developed this set of training materials (along with colleagues at ISET; Karen MacClune, Sarah Opitz-Stapleton, and Michelle Fox) for city stakeholders to undertake a resilience planning process. It is available through ISET’s website.

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Building Climate Resilience; A Simpler Way to Approach Adaptation Practice?

Watch this Video! Stephen explains the Resilience Framework and how it can be used for Resilience Planning in this webinar hosted by SEA Change.