pedestrains walk around a fountain in a rainy streetscape

Heading back to lead a training in DC

I’m wrapping up a workshop for a presentation in DC. I’ll be doing a workshop on Stakeholder Engagement for Urban Resilience with the American Red Cross (ARC). I’m really looking forward to it.

I always enjoy the opportunity to collaborate with the ISET team  and the cast of characters from the ARC who will be at the workshop always impress me with their dedication and enthusiasm (and so very much hard work and travel!).

This workshop, though, is special because it’s building on work that we did last year with the ARC to introduce the approach to building Resilience in Urban Areas  that Stephen Tyler developed with Marcus Moench. This training is going to be fun because we’re working with a bunch a talented and experienced folks and taking steps to move from the theory to the practice of building resilience and helping organizations bring other people along.

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